11 great ways to help girls wear lipstick more beautiful

Lips are the place to show the great attractiveness of women. So do not let the lips become pale, inferior. The following 11 super cool techniques will help your girlfriend put on more beautiful lipstick to be confident in any situation.

1.Don’t overdo your eyes and lips

The best way to naturally beautify your face is to know how to click on every detail. Do not wear too dark lipstick while eyeshadow is dark and applying thick mascara. It will make your face become stiff and the person opposite will panic. You should only click on a point. If you wear dark lipsticks, apply foundation and other parts of your face to a brighter face. If you press deep into your eyes with an attractive look, make your lips look lighter.

Excessive makeup makes you older and less charming – Artwork

Choose a beautiful lipstick color that matches your skin tone

You may like nude lipsticks, but it may not work for your honey skin. You might like orange, but it doesn’t really stand out with this face. Many makeup artists think that the right lipstick color for you will have to comply with both undertone and skintone conditions. Orange, or brown or blue are very picky colors. Some colors also tend to make your teeth look yellowish. Suggestions: wine red for honey skin, coral pink for yellow skin, bright red for white skin …

3. Choose beautiful lipstick suitable for your age

The color and shape of the lips gradually change with the years, the older the lips become darker and thinner because the collagen layer under the skin is gradually lost. So we also need to know how to choose lipsticks to suit the age.

  • Under 20 years of age: you should use bright lipstick colors, do not use dark lipstick that will make you get older before your age. This is something you often see with young celebrities today, to brighten up the stage, so the dark makeup makes them look much older than people of the same age.
  • Over the age of 20: Can use bright orange, pink to combine with colorless lip gloss to respect the personality to help her shine in front of the boy they secretly love.
  • Over the age of 30: Colors such as dried rose petals, red wine, etc. will help you create an adult charm. You will tend to choose darker, creamier lipsticks.
  • In middle age: this time the skin enters a powerful aging process so you should use a lip balm before applying lipstick. The lipstick that should be preferred is brown, nude tones to create elegance and elegance.

4.How to apply lipstick

There are no rules required when you apply lipstick. Some people like to use a brush to apply lipstick, while others never use it. Many of us use our middle finger to apply lipstick directly to our lips. You can choose any way that suits you as long as the colors on your lips make you beautiful and sexier than you are.

5.Use lip liner pencil.

Lip liner deserves a great help to make us more beautiful lipstick. It will shape the lip contour clearly and prevent the lipstick from smudging on to other skin areas, allowing the lipstick to last longer. Lipliner is especially suitable for women with thin lips. Contour lines will make lips feel thicker, sexier.

Attention, she should choose the pencil lined neutral (nude) or similar lipstick color. When the lip color faded, the lips did not show 2 borders that looked bad.

6.Apply lipstick twice

Why do you have to apply lipstick twice? The secret is to help the lipstick stay tinted on the lips when we eat and drink lipstick that doesn’t stick on cups or food. The procedure is quite simple, after applying lipstick for the first time, use a tissue to reduce the color of the lipstick and then apply the second lipstick. Make sure you have fun all day, the lipstick is still intact.

This is sometimes necessary because it helps you avoid some unnecessary inconveniences. Nobody wants to sit in front of customers, but sometimes they have to lipstick again.

7.Camouflage yellow teeth

Despite owning different colors, but all of these lip colors are “joined hands” to embellish the bright white of teeth: pink nude lipstick, transparent pink, bright pink, magenta, deep red,

If you have a slightly yellowish teeth, disguise it with a pink, plum or wine red lipstick so that the viewer will really notice your lips and lessen the yellow look on your teeth. .

8.Tips to prevent lipstick from sticking to your teeth

There is a simple trick to avoid lipstick sticking on your teeth, you just need to apply lipstick then put your index finger to the mouth and then pull it out. Excess lipstick will fall on your fingers rather than your teeth. Wash your hands is done already!

9.Mix in lipstick color

Never rush a lipstick into the trash when you’re not happy with its color. You may be quite surprised if you combine it with another lipstick to get a more beautiful lipstick color than expected.

  • Method 1: Melt 2 common lipstick pieces and put them in the jar and store in the refrigerator to get a new, unified lipstick color.
  • Method 2: color lipstick A on the inside and lip color B on the lip border. Surely you will create many special “shades” of lipstick like this:

10.Deal with broken lipstick

If your lipstick is broken, do not throw it away. The “wound healing” for your lipstick hiccup is actually quite simple. You only need to use a lighter to heat the softly broken one, then gently re-attach them as the original, then put the lipstick in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and we can continue to use it.

What to do to apply almost used lipstick?

When you turn on the lipstick as much as you want it to last but are powerless because it cannot protrude higher than enough for you to apply lipstick. In fact, we have many simple ways to take advantage. You can use a cotton swab or brush to smear lips and brush on lips or use small tweezers to pull out the excess lipstick and melt into a small jar to use gradually.

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