The secret to lip care every night with these 5 simple steps

The secret to lip care every night with these 5 simple steps

Soft and seductive lips are always the desire of women. Listen to the secret of every night to take care of your lips with 5 simple steps!

Why need lip care?

You already know that “Best body skin” that is probably true but not enough. Women really become sexy when they smile. If a dry, dull lips make you feel confident enough in front of others. So do not just take care of your skin, but spend a part of your daily worries on caring for healthy lips.

The impact of food, water, chemical exposure in cosmetics and also the influence of weather and daily life can make lips more sensitive. If not properly cared for the outer layers of epidermal cells will not stop peeling, even cracking bleeding and discoloration.

Night is a valuable respite for the body, which is also the time when the excretory system works hard to flush out toxins. During this time, the lip epidermis can easily absorb and absorb the nutrients it needs to help repair damage and maintain persistent elasticity that helps to protect beautiful and smooth lips. So you need to know the steps of lip care at night as follows:

1. Make-up remover for lips

Because of work, every day you usually make up and apply bold lipstick to work. Of course, when you go home, you should completely remove that layer “mask” to rest your skin, pores on the skin respiration lips are also clean from excess lipstick and dirt.

The skin of the lips is much thinner than other areas of the body, it is the focus of many nerves. Because lips are particularly sensitive, we should not use the same makeup remover cream on all areas of our face. Buy a separate makeup remover for the eyes and lips to avoid unwanted irritation. Use a special makeup remover pad and gently wipe off the lipstick until you no longer see the lipstick on the makeup remover.

Makeup your lips with natural ingredients:

This is the method favored by many women. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or honey to perform this step.

First, apply a small amount of oil to the lips, hold for 10-15 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the lips, making them softer. Then, you use a cotton ball to gently scrub the lips, the lipstick layer will be swept away quickly. Finally, wash your lips again with warm water, you will feel cleaner, more comfortable.

2. Periodically exfoliate the lips

Exfoliating is essential that you should not forget every week. The skin’s regeneration cycle changes weekly, the cells in the epidermis will become horny after a while and peel off. So if you don’t do the job of cleaning it up, the lips will be very bad. Moreover, the exfoliating will make new epidermis appear, the lips will therefore be more pink and smooth. Certainly the lipstick job is also easier, longer and more matte.

Exfoliating the lips is extremely simple, you can use the easy-to-find and readily available ingredients in the house such as lemon and sugar, honey, bakingsoda. However, you should only do this once a week.

3. Moisturize the lips

Lip skin will lose its natural moisture balance when dehydrated. So you need to provide a mask to moisturize the surface for lips. This is really necessary on a dry winter day.

Use lip balm: lip balm can be a quick and simple way to help you overcome the situation. Some lip balm lines, like a night mask, will keep your lips moisturised for long periods of time and return to a creamy glow the next morning.

Lip balm by natural methods: natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, honey …. Will provide great nutrients to help you moisturize. Ingredients are easy to find and cheap, and you can use them weekly.

How to mask with aloe:

Aloe contains natural ingredients to soothe chapped skin and gently remove dead skin cells. It enhances the thin layer of skin protection on the lips and also provides a cooling effect.


  1. Remove the outer skin of aloe leaf, leaving only the transparent gel meat.
  2. Apply aloe vera to your lips and leave it on overnight.
  3. Store the leftover aloe meat in a sealed jar and place it in the refrigerator.

4.Perform lip exercises before going to bed

Regular exercise for the lips contributes to reducing the formation of wrinkles on the lips, enhancing elasticity and softness.

The easiest way to train your lips is to laugh. You just need to relax your body and laugh comfortably. In addition, you can also practice lips. If there is a lover “please take advantage of your guy” with kisses. This is the most effective way to relax and massage lips.

5.Sleep early

Do not try to stay up all night because of a little work or engrossed in favorite movies. Evening time is really valuable for the body to rest and renew energy for the new day. Skin will look plump and rosy if you get enough sleep. Therefore, an early sleep will always bring health and long-term beauty to women.

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