How to choose lipstick that suits your skin color

Have you ever felt embarrassed when you were going to buy a lipstick but didn’t know what color it suits you? The first and the most important thing is to understand your skin. So how to choose lipsticks with skin color? Take a look at some of the suggestions mentioned below to solve your concerns!

1.Identify your Skintone

Skintone is known as the color of your skin, white skin, black skin, yellow skin, dark skin … We can easily distinguish it through the naked eye. In the world there are many races with extremely diverse skin colors. The skin of girls from the country of “Sunrise” is usually white, but Vietnamese or Thai girls are yellow. Skin color may change due to the effects of the weather. Going out in the sun, we may become dark and dark.

1.Determine your own skin Undertone

Undertone refers to your skin tone. This means that the leather is cool, warm or neutral. Each person owns only a certain type of undertone. You should know that each lipstick cannot suit all undertone. You will be less beautiful if that day accidentally hit a lipstick that is not for me. Identifying the right undertone will not only make it easier for you to choose lipstick, but it is also a useful tip in choosing everyday wear, hair color, nail, foundation or eyeshadow …

The quickest and most common way to identify an undertone is to see the color of the blood vessels below your wrist.

  • If the blood vessels are blue / purple, you have cold undertone.
  • If the blood vessels are green, you have warm undertone.
  • If you feel a mix of blue and green above, you have a neutral undertone.

If she still finds it difficult to distinguish colors in the veins of her skin, you can try the following jewelry:

  • If she is suitable for jewelry like silver bracelets, necklaces, and watches, she has a cold undertone.
  • If she suits gold jewelry, she is a warm undertone.
  • Nếu hợp với cả 2 loại như trên nghĩa là nàng thuộc undertone trung tính.

People with cold undertone usually have pink or beige skin and vice versa, those with warm undertone have yellow skin. For the most part, Vietnamese women will have warm undertone because it is popular with yellow people.

2.Determine which lipstick color is right for your Undertone

How to choose lipstick that suits your undertone can be as follows:

Case 1: Undertone is cold, you will most likely have white skin. It is not picky, you will match the colors in favor of pink and red: lotus pink, coral pink, red rose, plum red …

Case 2: If you are a genuine undertone owner, the orange colors will be for you: pure orange, orange red, earth orange, peach orange, pure red, magenta, …

Choose a color combination between skintone and undertone

The combination of Skintone and undertone creates many different skin states.

With white skin tone:

  • Cold Undertone: Most of the people who own cold undertones are not picky about lipstick color, the pink or red lipstick you use is also very beautiful.
  • Warm Undertone: To make the face more prominent, the orange-red lipstick will suit white skin with warm undertone.

With medium skin tone:

  • Cold Undertone: The girls should be inclined to lipstick more red than pink.
  • Warm Undertone: The orange lipstick will be your companion

Với tone da ngăm đen:

  • Cold Undertone: These undetones are often the most picky lipstick, we can not arbitrarily choose and use any need. Choose for yourself the purple-pink lipstick that will suit you.
  • Warm Undertone: Because the skin is dark, it is important to choose lipsticks with more red than orange.

Well, now you know how to choose the right lipstick for your skin tone? Finally, it’s important to remember that your lipstick color is up to you. If you feel like you’re cute with that lipstick and your friends have the same opinion, but it’s a bit inconsistent with the instructions. OK girls it’s okay, experts will show for you to stay away from shades that look less appealing but you’ll be most beautiful when you’re most confident.

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